Episode 44: A New Name!

You may have noticed that we have new podcast art and a new name for the podcast.

In today’s episode, I explain why the new name and my journey getting here.

Because this podcast is so much a faith journey for me, I talk a bit about how I get promptings and what the Spirit feels like to me.

Don’t worry, the stories won’t go away completely, but they will take a backseat to some teaching and pontificating for sure.

I would love to hear any questions you have.


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Episode 43: Turning Pain to Joy

I’ve had some hard things happen in my life (as you know if you’ve listened to the podcast at all!), and I realized recently that my magic is turning it into joy– or at least something more positive. 

I get a little spiritual in this episode (my fave!) and quote some scripture and general conference talks: Helaman 5:12, Favored of the Lord in All My Days by Elder Villanueva, and Is There No Balm in Gilead by Elder Nielson.

I also mention a conversation with my coach (danielle-cohen.com) that helped me see my work in the world a little more clearly. I hope it will help you connect some dots for yourself too.

In this episode, I encourage you to look for the miracle, the strength, the grace, the favors the Lord has done for you. I tell a story related to Helaman 5:12 about winds and hail storms and firm foundations.

I also mention some fun new things coming to the podcast soon!

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Episode 42: How to Be a Good Mom

If I may be so bold, I have some concepts to share with you that I think will be helpful in you being the good mom you want to be.

Being a good mom comes from your experience of being a good mom. I discuss some things to consider in this episode as you use your experience for wisdom in your motherhood. Of course, I mention a few stories from my life too.

  1. Choose or decide what being a good mom means to you.
  2. Do your best.
  3. Repair if needed.
  4. Be present.
  5. View your motherhood in the best possible light.



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Episode 30: Talking Too Much

If you’ve ever judged yourself for talking too much or having too many words, this episode is for you.

Listen in for

1.The time I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and spoke way too long.
2.Being like Hermione Granger
3.Leaning into it instead of pushing it down
4.Verbal processing

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Episode 25: From Ugly to Beautiful

Many women (people) struggle with their body image. 

I used to think I was ugly. Even after 15+ years of my husband’s compliments and assurances, I still believed I was ugly. 

Until one day I had this realization. Listen in to hear what simple phrase- that we hear all the time- shifted things for me. 

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Episode 23: Happy During Covid

I use the term “story” loosely today as I talk about an experience I had on the day of recording. It circles around happiness and joy, circumstances, and faith. I hope you listen in and enjoy my little bit of a soap box. 🙂


Episode 22: Until Someone Gets Hurt

This week I heard that research shows that among all mammal young, the young play until one gets hurt. This caused me to reflect on my own experience with this, AND what happens when you aren’t allowed to play until someone gets hurt? Trust, boundaries, identity, using our voices, and shame (of course) all come up in this short episode.