If you ever hear yourself say, “I’m just so worried about their eternal welfare” you may be taking on some of God’s responsibility unnecessarily. Learning to stay out of God’s business and in your own allows you to be yourself more freely with less energy spent. 

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Full Show Notes

We are obsessed with being like God.

Marvel movies is one example. We have super-heroes who can fly and move buildings and turn back time. I had a dream a few night ago in which I could read other people’s minds AND I COULD SPEAK TO THEM IN THEIR MINDS!!

But sometimes I wonder if we actually take the obsession too far?

Sometimes I hear my clients, my friends, even myself say “I’m concerned with their eternal welfare.” Especially if our children have chosen to leave the safety of the Gospel.

Could this be getting too much into God’s business?

Byron Katie first came up with the concept of 3 kinds of business in the world: 1. Your business, 2. Other people’s business, and 3. God’s business. 

How does it feel when you say you are concerned with others’ eternal welfare? Does it feel good and uplifting, like the Spirit? Or does it feel heavy and worrisome?

Is love the reason?

The two great commandments are 1. Love God 2. Love everyone else as yourself (which to me means love yourself too). (Matt. 22:37-40)

When we are too focused on love as an ACTION, we are trying to force ourselves into something that is bigger than us.

First get into the FEELING of love. Remember a time when you felt completely loved. Or when you loved completely. Can you feel that in your body right now?

Now think of the person whose eternal welfare you are concerned about. Hold onto the feeling of love and put their face in your mind. Do you have them both?

Now just be here. Just feel that love and see their face.

Take your time.

You might feel like crying a bit. That’s normal for love.

Do you feel compelled to say or do anything while you are feeling love and seeing that person?

There is your next step!

Let love lead your actions.

Stay out of God’s business

When we try to come at love as an only action, we get into trouble. We force it. Try letting the feeling of love lead you.

If you are confused about what to say or what to do, it might be a sign that you are in God’s business, or that there is nothing to say or do. Except of course, love.

That child of yours? Your sibling? That friend? God knows them. He’s got them. He honors their agency and loves them completely. Can you join him?

That’s enough for now, and so are you.


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