Episode 33: Happy 20th Anniversary to Us!

This week we celebrate 20 years of marriage. I use this opportunity to get a little gushy about the great guy I married, strolling down over 20 years of memories. It hasn’t all been amazing, but we’ve had both good stories and good times. My emotions are right at the surface in this episode, so be warned!
I reflect on:

  • One of the most heartbreaking situations.
  • Lots of travel and previous anniversaries.
  • Our first official date.
  • The time we should have left a kid at home.
  • All the moves
  • The best husband ever.

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Episode 28: Let’s Talk About Sex

If there’s one thing that sets me apart from “normal” Church culture, it’s my pre-marital sexual experience. In this episode I talk alllllll about it. If you had sex before you were married, this episode is for you!

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Episode 25: From Ugly to Beautiful

Many women (people) struggle with their body image. 

I used to think I was ugly. Even after 15+ years of my husband’s compliments and assurances, I still believed I was ugly. 

Until one day I had this realization. Listen in to hear what simple phrase- that we hear all the time- shifted things for me. 

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