I’ve had some hard things happen in my life (as you know if you’ve listened to the podcast at all!), and I realized recently that my magic is turning it into joy– or at least something more positive. 

I get a little spiritual in this episode (my fave!) and quote some scripture and general conference talks: Helaman 5:12, Favored of the Lord in All My Days by Elder Villanueva, and Is There No Balm in Gilead by Elder Nielson.

I also mention a conversation with my coach (danielle-cohen.com) that helped me see my work in the world a little more clearly. I hope it will help you connect some dots for yourself too.

In this episode, I encourage you to look for the miracle, the strength, the grace, the favors the Lord has done for you. I tell a story related to Helaman 5:12 about winds and hail storms and firm foundations.

I also mention some fun new things coming to the podcast soon!

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