I’ve been working through trauma with a coach and learning about how much I didn’t realize most of my life is a trauma response. In this episode I outline how I came to this realization and some resources that helped me learn. You probably don’t realize how much trauma is still affecting you, so I invite you to listen in.

Full Show Notes

My journey with discovering trauma:

  1. Depression, moving to Germany
  2. Life coaching- Jody Moore, Brooke Castillo, Kara Loewentheil, seeker in me wanted to go deeper, advanced certifications- didn’t get into Jody’s, found out about Bev’s, jumped in with both feet and eyes closed.
  3. Sarah Peyton- check out the summit that just ended. Learning neurobiology of shame, resonance, warmth
  4. Megan LaddDanielle Cohen→ lead me to realizing that I have trauma to deal with →Shyla Cash

Swimming-drowning-boat analogy.

Books and Resources (some affiliate links)

The Body Keeps the Score Bessel van der Kolk

Waking the Tiger by Peter Levine
What Happened to You? by Oprah Winfrey and Bruce D Perry
Your Resonant Self by Sarah Peyton
Video- The Wisdom of Trauma Gabor Maté

My own inadequacy- being called to work around trauma.
Ether 3:11 Believest thou the word which I shall speak? I wasn’t believing the Lord!
Genesis 3-4 Moses experience being called. Moses felt inadequate. When we focus on our own inadequacy, we aren’t focusing on the Lord’s power.
Prompting- I feel prompted to be a trauma coach, even though I feel unqualified other than my own experience and my life coaching skills.

  1. The Lord is always leading me (you) one step at a time, but we do have to take action
  2. Trauma is bigger than we think and is affecting every one of us
  3. Education around trauma is so needed! Next week I will talk more about what trauma is, as I understand it, and how it might be showing up in your life.

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