Episode 42: How to Be a Good Mom

If I may be so bold, I have some concepts to share with you that I think will be helpful in you being the good mom you want to be.

Being a good mom comes from your experience of being a good mom. I discuss some things to consider in this episode as you use your experience for wisdom in your motherhood. Of course, I mention a few stories from my life too.

  1. Choose or decide what being a good mom means to you.
  2. Do your best.
  3. Repair if needed.
  4. Be present.
  5. View your motherhood in the best possible light.



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Episode 39: The Trap of Speaking Up

This week, I reflect on several instances when I spoke up and when I stayed quiet and the threads I learned. This episode is partially me processing what being “shy” has meant to me, based off of what I am learning about my nervous system. I focus on how I was made to feel alone and abandoned or hurt and ashamed.

This episode was sparked by an experience I had when I felt myself get really nervous and stumble over my words in front of one of my coaches and mentors. I got curious about what was happening, an I realized that my nervous system was both in “freeze” and “flight” mode. Then I had several memories come the the surface that felt similar.

I realized that the identity of being shy, that I was given by my parents as a child, was really a similar nervous system response.

As I reflected on these many memories from childhood, I saw patterns emerging. When I speak up, I feel alone, ostracized, abandoned. When I don’t speak up, I hurt others or myself. Quite the catch-22!

I know now that I can recognize this pattern, but there are other options I can choose. I hope this helps you navigate your desires to speak up or stay quiet too.


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Episode 28: Let’s Talk About Sex

If there’s one thing that sets me apart from “normal” Church culture, it’s my pre-marital sexual experience. In this episode I talk alllllll about it. If you had sex before you were married, this episode is for you!

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