Episode 23: Happy During Covid

I use the term “story” loosely today as I talk about an experience I had on the day of recording. It circles around happiness and joy, circumstances, and faith. I hope you listen in and enjoy my little bit of a soap box. 🙂


Everything in Life is an Exchange

We pay money, we get a product or a service. We devote time and in exchange get a relationship or knowledge. We give effort and in exchange become someone new.

Tonight my almost-teenager was frustrated about her growing acne even though she washes her face twice a day. (Poor girl!) I told her it might be because of something she’s eating… like sugar. She looked at me and said, “I’d rather have pimples and eat sweets than not eat sweets and have no acne.” As long as she knows she’s making that exchange.

Awareness of these life exchanges is where all your power lies. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like an exchange but a choice. For example, I want to get a new job, but I’m scared I’ll feel stressed all the time. But right now I need money. So do you want to feel stress or in bondage to your money? It’s just an example, but might help you make difficult decisions.

Just remember that it’s always an exchange. You are almost never giving something for nothing.