Episode 49: How I’m Doing it Wrong

In this episode, you’ll get a little bit of a taste of how I am in my coaching business. I discuss 12 (or maybe 11? I lost count!) ways I’m doing it wrong, or at least different from other coaches I know.

How are you doing your work in the world “wrong” according to outside standards? Can you give yourself permission to do it wrong or do you shame and guilt yourself as you are doing it?

Tell me below one way you do your work in the world wrong!


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Episode 44: A New Name!

You may have noticed that we have new podcast art and a new name for the podcast.

In today’s episode, I explain why the new name and my journey getting here.

Because this podcast is so much a faith journey for me, I talk a bit about how I get promptings and what the Spirit feels like to me.

Don’t worry, the stories won’t go away completely, but they will take a backseat to some teaching and pontificating for sure.

I would love to hear any questions you have.


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