Other types of knowing

When you take time to be present, you connect with other types of knowing than just your logical brain knowing. There is heart knowing and gut knowing and spirit knowing. (And probably lots others that I haven’t explored yet!) When we slow down long enough to connect with ourselves, the next aligned step becomes more obvious and therefore, our efforts and actions become more effective. We stop going through the motions of action and do what is needed and potent right now. Presence allows for a variety of knowing. If you have capacity to allow this, it is a magic thing.

Follow the Urges

When we practice presence, sometimes urges will come up. I encourage you to follow them. These urges come from a deep place of knowing. Not a logical knowing from your mind, but an embodied knowing from your heart, gut or intuition. Don’t suppress the urges; follow them. You will build trust in yourself when you do. You may find it difficult to follow the urges at first, so remember to go slow and follow your capacity.

Often following the urges seems counter-intuitive. We want to move toward calm instead of pacing. We think we should be quiet when the urge is to scream. But these urges are showing you what you actually need, even if it flies in the face of logic. Lean away from logic and toward the knowing of your heart, gut and body.

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