Episode 22: Until Someone Gets Hurt

This week I heard that research shows that among all mammal young, the young play until one gets hurt. This caused me to reflect on my own experience with this, AND what happens when you aren’t allowed to play until someone gets hurt? Trust, boundaries, identity, using our voices, and shame (of course) all come up in this short episode.


A New Focus

Listen. I LOOOOOVE talking about sex.

But through a series of events, I decided to change my focus.

I decided to focus on my own story and how I have helped myself to feel happier, lighter and more fulfilled.

Sex is only one little part of that story.

As soon as I made this switch, I had a flood of ideas come to me about ways I can serve others who feel like I did a few years ago.

So if you know you have an amazing life, but you still feel miserable/unhappy/angry/unfulfilled, you’ll want to stick around.

I will still touch on sex and sexuality from time to time, but it won’t be the main focus. Although, I DO still think it’s the best way to connect with your body!