Focus on what you get from sex.

Let’s talk about giving and receiving in relationship. Specifically with sex.

Many of my clients have an underlying belief that sex is for men. That the purpose of sex and sexuality has nothing to do with women, other than they are required to show up, at least in the case of a monogamous relationship.

(I’ve been there friends.)

This naturally leads to the idea that when engaging in sex, women are only giving, not receiving.

If this is true for you, of course you don’t love sex! You are constantly giving and serving everyone around you, and it’s just one. more. thing.

You may even feel like you have lost yourself amongst all the giving.

You don’t think of sex as a necessity, at least in the strictest sense.

Sex is the means to an end: having children. And sure, sex is for bringing husband and wife closer together.

But what if sex is also about receiving?

Photo by Hanneke Laaning on Unsplash

Think about compliments. When you give a compliment, it feels good. You have lifted someone else’s day.

What about when you receive a compliment? Does that feel good, or is it a little uncomfortable? Are you able to receive it graciously? Can you say ‘thank you’ and then just sit with the compliment and let it sink in? Or do you immediately feel the need to reciprocate? Or justify. “These old shoes? My sister gave them to me!”

Are you able to receive well?

How does it feel when you give someone a compliment but they explain it away or immediately reciprocate with a compliment for you?

It’s like they didn’t really hear you.

Now imagine you give a compliment and then they say, “Thank you- I am going to take a moment to fully receive this.”

THAT feels good. As the giver and as the receiver.

Let’s bring it back to sex.

I promise, it’s not all about giving, but also about receiving. Your husband wants to know that he can give you pleasure and that you want to be with him.

You receiving him well is like receiving a compliment well. It feels good for both of you.

Receiving is also giving. It’s a gift you give to the other person, whether we are talking about compliments or sex. You are saying, “I see you. I hear you.”

You can only see and hear others as well as you are able to allow yourself to be seen and heard.

This also means you can only give as well as you are able to receive.

If sex is only for him, you probably aren’t receiving it well and it’s limiting your capacity to give of yourself in an intimate way.

In this case, focus on what you get from sex. And if you aren’t getting anything is it because your husband just isn’t giving or because you are not acknowledging his gift?

My challenge for you this week is to pay attention to how well you are able to give and receive. Is there anything you would like to improve? Does making a conscious effort to receive well change your ability to give well?