Hi Coach!


If you are interested in experiencing…


…calm, focus, and ease during your coaching…

Presence for Coaches starts September 7th and you don’t want to miss it!


Imagine this:
  • You, me, and 7 other coaches.
  • Coaching each other and then receiving positive feedback in a truly safe environment.
  • Creating something new and intimate together.
  • Experiencing a felt-sense of coaching that shifts things for you and your clients
  • Understanding your gifts and talents as a coach on a bodily level.
You’ll come out of this experience feeling more confident as a coach, and understanding what it feels like for coaching to be fueling instead of draining. You will feel supported and loved and able to be your full self in this group. While I will be your guide, this will be more like an expedition we take together than a classroom lecture.

Program details:

  1. The program is called Presence for Coaches.
  2. We will begin September 7th 2022 and go until December 21st 2022. 12 sessions, taking time off for taking my daughter to college, fall break and Thanksgiving.
  3. We will meet Wednesdays from 10 am – 11:30 am MT.
  4. I will invite no more than 8 coaches, so super intimate.
  5. Format of calls: presence exercise; coaching, feedback and q&a x2; reflection and assignments. There will be no modules or teaching outside the 90 minute calls this round. Both mindset and somatic tools will be utilized. Bring your entire humanness to the calls, because those things affect your ability to be present too.
  6. The exchange will be $2000.
  7. For each coach friend you refer that enrolls, receive $100 on a Visa gift card. For this round or future rounds. I will strive to make this program something you will want your coach friends to do. (And you don’t even have to sign up yourself!)
Next steps: If you know you want to join, sign up using the button below.

Or come to a “test drive” of the program. Sign up to get dates, times and Zoom information here. If you have questions you want answered privately, schedule a session to discuss them with me. I want this to be the right program at the right time for you, so let’s see if it is.

I hope to see you in Presence for Coaches where we will make ripples throughout the coaching industry to make coaching a felt experience, instead of simply happening in our minds.