Did you know you have TWO identies? God gave both of them to you, but He wants you to give them both to Him.

We discuss why He might want this. More personal insights from the temple.

Full Show Notes:

  • Background- Episode 63 Living Inside Your Temple Covenants, temple experience, work on identity
  • In the temple we learn about the creation story and we make covenants that bring us closer to God, and we learn what is required to enter the celestial kingdom. Specific words and actions are learned and practiced.
  • There is a veil in the temple, that separates one kingdom of heaven from another. This is not a surprise, even the new testament mentions “the veil of the temple.”
  • At the end of the endowment, we are reminded what to do when we approach the veil, symbolic of meeting the Lord. I usually kinda zone out at this point, because I’ve been attending the temple for over 20 years and I know what to do. I often use this time to reflect and pray. But last week, new knowledge was given to me during this time.
  • There is a phrase that is repeated at the veil, “Will you give it to me?” The Lord is asking for the specific words we’ve learned in the endowment that enable us to enter the celestial kingdom. Those words HIT ME. Like they sounded louder.
    • Have you seen that graphic picture that rounds the internet from time to time of a little girl with a small teddy bear, and Christ kneeling in front of her with a larger teddy bear behind his back? 

  • So I reflected on what the Lord wanted me to learn:
    • What are we “giving?” A name.
    • What is in a name? I’ve often thought about the importance of names.
      • Names of prophets are changed by God: Abram, Jacob, Saul…
      • What came up for me was IDENTITY.
        • Why would the Lord want us to give to him our identity? Because we have 2 identities- a natural man identity, and a divine identity (say that 10 times fast!)
        • He wants us to give him our ego-natural man-lower-fallen identity, so he can give us something better. Isn’t this such an amazing analogy? We must WILLINGLY give him ourselves as we are now, so that he can make of us something infinitely and eternally better! This is becoming! This is repentance! This is coming unto the Lord! This is our purpose!
        • He wants us to give Him our divine identity so He can work through us. When we are in our true-higher-divine-exalted identity, we are allowing the Spirit to work through us freely and fully. We get to be CREATORS with the Lord. But we can’t be creators with the Lord until we make space within ourselves (give to the Lord) for that creation!
        • How surrender fits in here.

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Enjoy, Denita