In the October 2021 General Conference, President Nelson mentioned the safest place to be when trials come is “inside your temple covenants.” What does it mean to live inside your temple covenants? This was the question posed to a group of Latter-day Saint women as we gathered together to discuss. This episode is my takeaways from that discussion, which I think will help all of us strengthen our spiritual foundations, understand our identities, and connect with the Spirit. I know many blessings have come into my life since this discussion, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation General Conference talk by Russel M. Nelson

Darla Trendler’s Podcast: Spiritually Minded Women

Talking points:

  • How I think of living inside my temple covenants
  • What’s the difference between talking about the temple and testifying of the temple
  • Why I was upset with my grandparents after I went through the temple the first time
  • Why you should talk about 90% of what happens inside the temple
  • Jesus Christ’s role in our covenants

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