My Experience Understanding the Nervous System

When I started learning about somatic work and my nervous system, I noticed a huge shift in healing for myself. I FEEL DIFFERENT. Understanding my nervous system and responding to it in an appropriate way for the state I’m in has helped me really increase the self-compassion I have. It has helped me be more present to myself: my body, my emotions, my mind. It continually blows me away, the power of this work.

Nervous System States

There are three states of the autonomic nervous system:

1. activated or fight/flight,

2. shut down or freeze and

3. connection or window of tolerance.

There are more technical names, but I’m keeping it simple here.

We typically think being present or regulating our nervous system means getting calm. But that’s not always true. Sometimes what is needed is the opposite!

The active response really needs to move in order to metabolize the energy. The fight response wants to punch, kick, etc. The flight response wants to run. When we respond to the active energy by getting smaller, stiller, sleeping, etc, we actually create trauma, which simply put is un-metabolized energy.

The shut down response needs resources, specifically space and time. This can look a variety of different ways; come into Presence to find out more!

The connection state wants connection (duh), creativity, purpose, play. This is where we ideally spend most of our time, but for those of us who have a history of trauma, we don’t spend much time here— but we WANT to!

My Membership, Presence

In Presence, I coach my clients with an understanding of the nervous system. It’s not unusual for someone to be lying on the floor or pacing back and forth on a coaching call. We start each call with a somatic practice or a short centering exercise. My goal is to help my clients get to center and THEN makes decisions and see situations FROM that place. It’s a beautiful, effective shortcut.

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