Are you doing all the things you’re “supposed” to do, and yet you feel exhausted? Listen in as I discuss one simple shift that will help you feel energized instead of exhausted around your worship.

First of all, I need to apologize for not warning you that I was going to take some time off of publishing episodes. But to be honest, I didn’t know.

There have been some things happening in my family that have limited my capacity. Instead of pushing through, I decided to embody what I teach.

When I didn’t feel like I had an episode to share, I just didn’t share. And it turns out I needed an entire month off.

During this month, I’ve been in a proverbial cave, connecting in with myself and God. This time of contemplation has resulted in some changes in my business.

Talk to me!

Firstly, I want this podcast to be a starting point for conversations between us.

Contrary to what some of you might think, I am not too busy to have conversations with you! My favorite place to connect is on Voxer (it’s like Marco Polo without the video component, and it’s free and you don’t need a phone number to sign up), but you can also email me, or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

My handle is @denitabremer on both.

Secondly, I will be holding weekly-ish Ask Denita Anything zoom sessions starting July 15th at 10 am MDT.

These will be free drop-in group sessions where you can ask me anything and I will answer. I will coach you if that’s what you want, or we can just have a conversation. Nothing is off limits!

And lastly, I just want to let you know that this podcast is going to be published weekly-ish, but I won’t be holding myself to a specific schedule.

I’m shooting for an episode every week, but I will let me intuition guide.

So they might go live on different days and at different times, depending on when the creation bug hits.

Remember Christ

Speaking of… I had a client call yesterday. At the end of the call, she told me “I hope you were recording this, because it’s the best BYU Women’s Conference talk I’ve ever heard!”

I wasn’t recording, so I asked her if I should turn it into a podcast. Here we go.

The monologue started because this client told me “I am doing all the things, but I just feel exhausted!”

What are you doing?

Scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, chores at home…

What are you hoping it will do for you?

Make me holy!

So I told her she was doing what wicked King Noah and his priests were doing when they said they were following the Law of Moses.

The Law of Moses won’t save you.

The Law of Moses is meant to point you to Jesus Christ who can save you.

In the same way, the holy habits we are encouraged to have are to point us to Christ, not to make us holy in and of themselves.

Reading your scriptures doesn’t make you holy.

Saying your prayers doesn’t make you holy.

Going to church doesn’t make you holy.

Attending the temple doesn’t make you holy.

Serving others doesn’t make you holy.

Only Jesus Christ can make you holy.

It’s our covenants with Christ that make us holy, not anything else.

We don’t covenant to read scriptures, say prayers, go to the temple.

We covenant to

  1. Remember Christ always
  2. Keep His commandments


In the temple we make covenants. They are:

  • Law of Obedience, which includes striving to keep God’s commandments.
  • Law of Sacrifice, which means doing all we can to support the Lord’s work and repenting with a broken heart and contrite spirit.
  • Law of the Gospel, which is the higher law that He taught while He was on the earth.
  • Law of Chastity, which means that we have sexual relations only with the person to whom we are legally and lawfully wedded according to God’s law.
  • Law of Consecration, which means dedicating our time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed us to building up Jesus Christ’s Church on the earth.

Our holy habits point us to Christ, and then all we have to do is have faith in Jesus Christ. We must believe that He is who He says He is, that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-compassionate and can help us, heal us, and change us.

My client said it feels too easy to simply have faith in Jesus Christ. But it is EASY! What does Christ say to us? My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Give your burden to me. The hard part is not holding on, but in letting go.

Kingdom of God

Sometimes there is a part of us that wants the gospel to be hard. Because if it’s hard, then we have earned our way to Heaven somehow. And then we are better than people who haven’t.

But the parable of the vineyard workers (Matthew 20:1-16) shows us that it shouldn’t matter to us who enters the kingdom of God, or when they enter, as long as we all get to enter!

The fruit of having faith in Jesus Christ is fruit available to all: love, joy, and peace. It’s not uncommon to get caught up in our ego that wants to feel set apart or unique or more qualified or better in some way.

But that is only true if we limit God.

If his blessings were limited, I could understand this point of view. But we believe God is infinite and eternal; his blessings are limitless.

Therefore we shouldn’t care if we are somehow better than others; we should desire all men to come unto Christ and partake of the fruit he offers.

At this point, I asked my client if she has partaken of the fruit Christ offers? Has she truly been changed? As she reflected, she realized she hadn’t.

If you think about Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life, the righteous were pressing forward toward the iron rod. Then when they reached the iron rod, they were continually holding fast, moving hand over hand until they reached the tree.

And what were they supposed to do when they got to the tree?

Partake of the fruit!

Are we getting to the Tree, keeping the commandments and doing our holy habits, but then NOT partaking of the fruit?

Instead are we turning around and helping others get to the tree, because we’ve been told to be missionaries and saviors on Mount Zion, without partaking of the fruit ourselves?

It is one thing to know the gospel, but it’s an entirely different thing to experience the fruit of the gospel.

We must partake of the fruit!

We must allow the joy and peace Christ offers to penetrate our souls and change us. It will be a very different experience to read your scriptures and pray to God after you have experienced the love, joy and peace Your Savior offers you.

It will no longer be exhausting.

This is available to you NOW.

Not only in the next life. Remember the story told in conference about the man who saved up to go on a cruise?

He brought a suitcase full of beans because he didn’t realize food was included in the cost of the cruise?

He was living beneath his means, and so are we if we are acting the gospel, but not partaking in its fruits!

If you feel blessed, but not good, maybe you are coming toward the tree, but not partaking of the fruit.

I would love to continue the conversation with you! What makes it difficult for you to feel good? Please let me know by emailing or come find me on Voxer, Instagram or Facebook at Denita Bremer.

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That’s enough for now, and so are you!


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