What if we all only applied the scriptures to ourselves and never to other people? Wouldn’t the world be a much kinder place? 

Listen in to my thoughts about this topic and to hopefully become a little more like Christ as we put down using the scriptures as a weapon.

Full Show Notes

The scriptures should never be used against someone else, only FOR you.

If you read about how your body is a temple, and to you that means to not tattoo your body, great. You should never tell someone else that’s what it means to them.

If you open your scriptures looking for direction about whether or not you should serve a mission, and the answer is yes— congratulations! Now don’t assume everyone else will get that same answer.

If keeping the Sabbath day holy means not watching TV on the Sabbath for you, fantastic. That’s not what it means to everyone. Everyone feels holy in different ways.

If you read the Word of Wisdom and you feel inspired to quit sugar, awesome! But you should never tell someone else that they should quit sugar because the scriptures say to. Even if you read the word of wisdom and see that it says tobacco is not for the use of man, and then you see someone smoking a cigarette, for the love of God, please do not tell them they shouldn’t smoke! Don’t use God’s word as a weapon against someone else, only to uplift and inspire. And if you can’t make it uplifting or inspiring without judgement, then avoid the conversation altogether.

Clear is not always clear

Even when the scriptures are abundantly clear: thou shalt not kill, there are always exceptions. Nephi was asked to kill Laban. Captain Moroni stood in defense of his country and family even if it meant killing his enemies.

It is clear adultery is not in keeping with God’s commandments. And yet Christ forgave the woman taken in adultery.

If we use the scriptures to condemn other people, they for sure won’t be interested in anything having to do with that weapon.

Avoid the appearance of judgement

I recently heard that most members of the Church of Latter-day Saints who choose to leave the faith, cite feeling judged as the reason. But most people who stay assume others leave in order to feel justified in sinning. There is a huge chasm of disconnect going on, that I believe is up to the members who claim to be in good standing to rectify.

Just like one scripture says to avoid the appearance of sin, I believe we should avoid even the appearance of judgement. It will be impossible to carry out 100%, but not impossible to attempt over and over again.


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