Here are four more ways to reflect on things that might be right for you, and things that might not be. In this episode, I focus on the FEELINGS different actions give you, and what you can learn from those feelings. I hope this helps you consciously decide what to let go of and what to develop more this year.

Full Show Notes

For me, upon waking up, there is always a push and a pull. I feel pushed to get out of bed, to get started with the day, to be productive. I feel pulled to stay in bed, to rest for one more minute, to be myself.

This push and pull creates a tension within me. My somatic coach, Shyla, encouraged me once to do a push pull with my hands and arms before I even get out of bed. This really helps relieve the tension between the push and the pull, and helps me see what I really want in that moment.

On this episode, I’m going to answer the journaling questions so you can get a fee for what I’m talking about with push, pull, sink and rise.

What are you feeling pushed toward?

The pushing sensation for me is a bulging in my chest, and a feeling that I can’t breathe, or I’m holding my breath. It coincides with thoughts like “I should” or “I have to…”. I notice this push especially around household tasks. I have to push myself to do them. I also notice this sensation around all the programs I want to participate in, coaches I want to hire, and books I want to read.

What is pulling you?

The pull coincides with thought like, “I want to” and “if only I could…” It’s an open sensation in my solar plexus region with a movement forward. I am feeling pulled toward simplicity, paring down, focusing on fewer things. I’m feeling pulled toward waking up earlier and this Presence group that starts February 1st. (You should totally join us!) I also feel pulled toward this podcast. I know I don’t have to do a podcast. I don’t have to publish on a regular schedule, but there is a pull to do it.

I recommend we eliminate as much as possible that is pushing us and focus on the things that are pulling us. Doing so will make your life more full of ease.

What is bringing you down or holding you back?

The sinking is related to thoughts like “ugh” or the critical voice in my head. I find myself thinking “If only I could NOT ___, then I would have more time.” Things that fall under this category are social media, self-judgement, and urgency.

You might consider putting push, pull, sink and rise on a quadrant. Divide your paper in half both vertically and horizontally. At the top of the left column put “Push” and at the top of the right column write “Pull.” On the top row, label “Rise,” and on the bottom row label, “Sink.” Because some things that are pulling you, might also be sinking you. Social media is such an example for myself. I feel pulled toward it, but it doesn’t help me become a better version of myself.

What is inviting you to rise?

For me, the rising sensation is like a floating. It makes me want to straighten up and move forward naturally. These are things that invite me to become a better version of myself, even if they are difficult. Some things from the “push” category also invite me to rise, so I must carefully choose which to include in my life, because they will require more energy.

The rise is accompanied by the sweet, small, voice that just says, “Come,” or “What if we… ?” These are things that beckon to me but don’t force. They wait patiently for me to arrive, but are always there. My scriptures, spending time in meditation and prayer, this Presence group, and waking up earlier are all things that fall in this category for me.

I hope these questions and my examples help you identify things in your life that you can let go of (the push and the sink) and things that you want to focus on more (the pull and the rise). Spend some time considering these things; don’t rush it.

Journal Questions:

  1. What are you feeling pushed toward?
  2. What is pulling you?
  3. What is bringing you down?
  4. What is inviting you to rise?
  5. What sensations inside your body let you know that it’s a push? A pull? A sinking? A rising?

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