Presence Takes Practice

I continually need to be reminded to get present. Presence takes practice. Our natural man doesn’t want to practice. I believe this is a lifelong pursuit, so ease into it. Just do a little at a time. The compound effect over time will be great, I promise.

I am often reminded that things we assume will be instinctual are often the things that require practice. When my oldest was a baby, breastfeeding was hard for both of us. I clenched my jaw and ground my teeth through 6 weeks of grueling around the clock feedings before it was a painless process. I think presence is similar, but perhaps not so painful. Although, when I read books about other people’s experience with meditation, perhaps sometimes it is painful to meet yourself. And thankfully, I only nursed my oldest for a year. I think practicing presence should START with a year long commitment, which is one reason why my program, Presence is a year-long commitment.

If you really lean into this idea that it takes practice, that you shouldn’t know how to do it right away, there can be lots of freedom in it. There is no “right” way to be present, and it’s unique to what works for you.

Presence is a Virtuous Cycle

I find the more you practice presence, the more you want to practice it. The more you practice presence, the more you want to create time for stillness, silence, connection. Like begets like. It’s a virtuous cycle.

In my life, I have desired to be on social media less. I listen to fewer podcasts and am really picky with the ones I do listen to. I want to read my scriptures, pray and meditate more. It feels like the things I do spend my time and money on are more meaningful. This has led me to feeling much more content in my life. Is it perfect? No. Do I always feel zen? Definitely not. But there is a difference from before Presence practice to after. I feel more spacious and less reactive.

My Program, Presence

Obviously, in Presence we practice presence. That’s the whole reason I named it so. If you are ready to commit to this practice for a year, I invite you in.

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