What does embodiment mean?

I know not everybody understands what embodiment means. But to me, presence and embodiment and feeling are so close that I’m going to attempt to define it for you.

To be embodied literally means to give body to something that doesn’t already have a body. To make concrete or perceptible. Our feelings and our self are often concepts that are not yet “perceptible” or “concrete.” I believe that we embody our full self when we fully FEEL. Feeling is the process by which we give “body” to self. Sometimes we talk about embodying a feeling like love or hope or joy. When we embody love, we ARE love. We often think of this as personifying. We represent love or hope or joy in a human form. That is what it means to embody a feeling. When we give body to, or personify, presence, I think it brings us truly alive. The process for doing so is by noticing and feelings fully when is in our bodies.

This is a complex concept because it must be lived or felt to be understood. It is simple, but not easy. There are many valid reasons why we don’t want to feel. So to be present or embodied is to overcome those things that tell us not to feel.

A mindfulness exercise like yoga, tai chi, pilates, Qigong or even walking if done mindfully is a great compliment to the work we do in coaching.

My experience

When I joined a program a few years ago that attempted to teach how to coach from an embodied place, I thought I was going crazy because I couldn’t wrap my mind around what embodiment was. I knew I was simply going through the motions. A yoga practice was part of the program and I showed up to it, and it even felt great, but I didn’t quite understand how what we were doing in yoga was supposed to help me in my coaching. Now I get it.

The point is to get closer to yourself. I know that sounds funny. But when we do, and our self is able to fill the entirety of our bodies, there is an aliveness quality we are able to feel. The is the opposite of depression in my mind. ALIVE.

That is why presence to me means embodiment and feeling. Presence is being alive. Embodiment is being alive. Feeling is being alive.

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