Presence doesn’t necessarily mean still

Presence does not necessarily mean still. I think of Presence as an allowing of what is. It’s a letting in of ALL the senses, internal and external.

  • You can be present to what you experience while you eat.
  • You can be present to what you experience while you walk.
  • You can be present while you work out, and in fact I recommend you do for added benefit.
  • You can be present to your pain.

Mindfulness is a great synonym for Presence. I prefer Presence, because when I think of mindfulness it feels like there is a whole industry and tools and ways of doing it “right.” Presence doesn’t have that connotation for me. Plus, I often hear my clients who are mostly moms, say, “I just want to be more present.”

I love the idea that presence doesn’t always mean still, because I don’t always want to be still. And sometimes when I am too still for too long, it actually prevents me from being present. 🙂 Have you ever sat at your desk so long that your body aches for movement, preventing you from being able to focus? No? Just me?

There is something for everyone in the presence practice!

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