The question that started my healing journey, “If I’m So Blessed, Why Can’t I Feel Good?” is now the topic of a podcast! We will discuss spiritual, somatic, emotional, and mental practices and tools to help you live a holistic, eternally successful life.

I believe there are FOUR broad categories of things that prevent us from feeling good, despite our abundant blessings from God. These four areas layer and flow into each other, but generally speaking, they are: 1) spiritual reasons, 2) physical reasons 3) emotional reasons and 4) mental reasons.


In essence, this podcast is about faith. If we were to look at these broad areas as a venn diagram, faith is where all four overlap. We will talk about how we grow faith, what faith looks like in our lives on a practical level, and what blocks faith. I will include both scripture and personal experiences.


My prior experience as a mindset coach compels me to speak of the importance of our thoughts and beliefs in driving our emotions and actions, but my experience since learning mindset tools makes me think that we overemphasize mental tools in our culture. So we won’t ignore them, but our focus will be more on spiritual, emotional and somatic understandings and practices. The sentences in our minds can bring clarity to the meaning we are placing on ourselves and our lives.


You might not be familiar with the word “somatic.” Soma means body; somatic refers to relating to the body as distinct from the soul, mind or psyche. My own personal journey has taken me down the road of learning about trauma when mindset wasn’t moving the needle and the Spirit prompted me that trauma was the root. I am now a big believer in understanding the nervous system, phases of trauma response, and supporting oneself through the felt experiences of the body. The mind-body (or emotion-body) connection is far greater than we give it credit. We will definitely dive deeper in this area.


Lastly, emotion is energy in motion. Feeling can be a skill that most of us are woefully undereducated in. Emotions can block good feelings, multiple emotions can get “bundled together” so to speak, and emotion can flat our just be scary to feel. Disconnecting from our emotions in general disconnects us from feeling good, so we must learn to feel bad in order to feel good.

Holistic, Faith-based Success

Helping you feel connected, grounded, and trusting of God and yourself so that you can create success for yourself and the people you love is the primary intent of this podcast. But I don’t want you to feel success in one area of your life only to feel like a failure in another. We are aiming for holistic success for a faith-based life. I call that eternal success: success on earth and success in the eternities.

Philosophy and practicality

My goal is to leave you with both theory or philosophy of a topic AND one practical tip or tool each episode. We will discuss both principles and possible applications of those principles. And I hope to do it all while keeping episodes powerful and concise. I know you’re a mom with a full life, and while I appreciate every listen, I never assume people will continue listening. I’ll do my best to make it worth your time investment!

If this all sounds intriguing to you, I invite you to join me by tuning back into If I’m So Blessed, Why Can’t I Feel Good?

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