Have you ever wondered how to not react? Making space is the answer. In this episode, I give you 6 things you can do to make space within yourself and in your relationships… and why you want to.

Full Show Notes

When we have the right conditions to grow, we won’t be able to NOT grow.

We are naturally healing.

What is needed for humans?

  1. Love
  2. Support
  3. Space

Definitions of “Space”

  1. A time period
  2. A geographic location, distance, area or volume
  3. the extent set apart or available
  4. a state of being?
  5. the opportunity to assert or experience one’s identity or needs freely, an opportunity for privacy or time to oneself
  6. synonyms: place, room or way

Making Space – Expanding – Unfold – Increase – Open (amplify, develop, enlarge)

It could mean making time, setting intention, but I want to focus on making space within yourself and in your relationships.

This might require letting go of something you no longer have space for. (another podcast episode!)

Example: Experience watching Drew play baseball. Purpose of yoga poses.

  1. Believe you can

  2. Get curious: How is this good either way? Why?


    Detach, resist the urgency

    Self-restraint- waiting for the right time- waiting on the Lord

    Allow the silence, the waiting.

    Decide & prioritize

  3. Seek comfort/support vs Fear

  4. Breathing and Meditation – watch yourself

  5. Pratice. Yoga, life coaching, law, medicine. The more answers the more questions.

  6. Trial- the load, strengthening ability- you go face it.

Why is this so important?

Because when we are triggered, if there is no space made within us, we will react. We will not see the choice before us. We will not exercise our agency. We will not be able to wait. We will not be able to be strengthened or strengthen others. We will not be able to make or hold space for others. Because it will feel like it is happening TO us.