Holding space is a valuable skill to develop in order to be the best mom, wife, sister or friend you can be. But what does it mean and how do we do it?

Full Show Notes

So last week we talked about making space, what space is in this context, and how it keeps us from being so reactive. In this episode, we are talking about holding space. Holding space can be done for yourself, but usually we think of it in context of holding space for someone else.

What is holding space?

Being mentally, emotionally, physically present with someone else’s experience, so they feel safe to process their own experience. (or your own)

  • PE tent example, kite example
  • Wide open space vs Tight space – what feels more supportive to you?
  • Boundaries visual example

Emotional resolution

  • needs space and time to process
  • feelings are allowed to be felt
  • feelings can be validated “It’s ok to feel this way.”

Brooke Snow episode – the science behind emotional resonance.

Safety- condition of being protected

  • witnessing
  • not wanting anything in return
  • non-judgement
    • not making another person’s actions or words or feelings mean something about ourselves (stay grounded in yourself)
    • not knowing what is right or wrong for someone else (be grounded in your purpose)
    • not trying to solve their problems (deep listening to understand)

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