The present is God’s timezone

I don’t remember where I first heard this, but this one idea has really helped me get to presence faster: The present time is God’s time zone. Because I have a deep desire to do what God wants for me and to be in relationship with him, often all I have to do is think this thought and presence comes into sharp focus for me.

We often say that depression is living in the past and anxiety is living in the future. But in the present you can simply be. And now that I think about it, every single spiritual prompting has always happened in the present moment. God never tells me “In the future, do this.” He always says what I need to hear in that moment. I think God wants us to desire to be tutored step by step by him, so he never gives us more than the next direction. When we want to know the whole path, we are blocked.

A personal example

I’d love to share a recent personal experience about this. I find myself always asking Heavenly Father what he wants for me because I want to do what he wants. But I always feel like I don’t receive an answer to this. I was pondering why I might feel blocked when asking this question. So I put myself in the place of the parent and imagined one of my kids saying that to me, “Mom, tell me what you want for me, because I just want what you want for me.” And I realized what I would want for my child is to become the highest expression of their potential. But that’s not a thing to do. It’s something to become. I can’t just give that to my kid. But I can guide them and support them as they seek it out. And this was all resonating so much for me! God wants to to become something, and He can’t just give that to me. But he wants me to continually seek Him and his guidance so he can offer direction. God works line upon line and won’t give me too much at once. All of a sudden it made sense why that prayer never felt answered. It really wasn’t the right question. So now I’m asking “Lord, what would you have me become? and What’s the next step?”

Alignment and abundance in God’s timezone

Living in God’s timezone feels so aligned and abundant to me. I know one way I do that is by practicing presence.

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