How to Increase Your Presence

When I say “fundamentals,” I’m referring to the basic physical building blocks of being a living entity: eating, drinking, sleeping, breathing— the things that literally keep you alive. It’s really difficult (not impossible as we learn when we fast) to be present when any one of these is off. It’s difficult to be present when you are tired, hungry, thirsty or sick.

Based on the Creation Coach Certification I completed in 2022 I add movement, gratitude, joy, and presence as additional fundamentals. These are things that are for your spiritual life, not just physical life. And as Brother Rob Bell says in his book by the same title, everything is spiritual. Presence, in this case, is specifically referring to taking time away from the constant distraction life so freely offers. Especially time away from screens.

Fundamentals Matter

It’s really hard to be fully present when you never make space for silence, when you don’t move your body enough, when you lack a focus on joy or gratitude. Get these things in order first, and presence (and healing) will more easily flow.

In 2024 in my membership named Presence, we will be working through the fundamentals in a systematic way, together. Every 45 days we will add a new fundamental to focus on. By the end of the year, Presence members will have definitely moved the needle on their physical and spiritual health in a sustainable way. I hope you will join us.

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