Hi. I’m popping in for just a couple minutes to talk to any coaches who listen to the podcast.

If you’re not a coach, don’t worry, I have something new coming for you also. In the month of October I will be starting a weekly open coaching call where I will be using some of the tools I mention in this quick episode. The fee will be by donation, but you’ll be able to come for free if you want! Keep an eye out for more information coming very soon.

Coaches- You know how one simple thought can change your life?

A thought. A phrase or sentence in your mind. You don’t even have to speak it out loud, and it can change everything.

What about something just as powerful, just as simple— but a feeling?

I had my first session yesterday in my new, very intimate group, and it went better than I had hoped for. I FELT the impactfulness of what I am attempting to embody and teach.

The one positive piece of feedback I get regularly is “You have such a calming effect.”

How do I do this?

I spent a few months figuring that out.

And this group is the solution to helping other coaches FEEL the way I FEEL in my coaching sessions. Is it about my thoughts? Kind of. But it’s about more than just my thoughts. In fact, I think it goes deeper than my conscious awareness— until recently at least.

It’s about my very presence. How I am able to focus and be with my clients in whatever they are going through, large or small. It’s about my emotional awareness.

The late Dr. David Hawkins, former psychiatrist and author of the book The Map of Consciousness Explained, says “It is not what we say, but the very fact of our presence that has the healing effect.”

Try this simple exercise for me:

Grab a friend and tell them you are going to smile a large smile at them and you want them to smile back either no smile or a very small smile. How does that feel to you?

If you are watching on video, try it with me now. I’m going to pause and wait for you to smile at me, and then I’ll only smile a small smile back. %%Pause%% small smile. How did that feel to you? Disappointing? Disconnecting? Like something is wrong?

Neither of us had to SAY anything; it was a feeling created by me not mirroring you in an appropriate way.

Your presence matters as a coach

There are three things you need to track during your coaching sessions.

  1. What is happening with your client. Not just what they TELL you, but what you notice in their body language, facial expression, their vocal prosidy, things like sighs and what their hands are doing, and even what they DON’T say.
  2. What is happening for you in your body and in your mind.
  3. What is happening in the shared co-creative space between you.

It’s a lot, but you can develop these simultaneous skills. These skills can make you an infinitely better practitioner.

One of my clients actually said she SWITCHED DRs because of this. Her mother had passed away a few weeks before her doctor’s appointment and when her doctor came in she mentioned that she was feeling sad and down since her mother’s death. The dr. apologized for her loss, but then went on in a cheery manner!! It was off-putting enough for my client to immediately switch to a different doctor!! That doctor wasn’t able to be present with my client in her grief.

You don’t want your clients to find a new coach simply because you aren’t aware of this simple, yet powerful tool of presence.

The doors to Presence for Coaches are open for only a few more days- through Monday, September 12th.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. We will meet Wednesdays at 10 am MT between now and Dec 21. You aren’t too late; you haven’t missed anything yet.
  2. The exchange is $2000 and you’ll get at least double the value. I purposely priced this low as I learn to facilitate an experience with somatic and mindset tools.
  3. The coaches who sign up for Round 1 will be invited to round 2 for no additional cost. I just don’t yet know what Round 2 will look like.
  4. Who is this for? Anyone who considers themselves a coach and wants to be less in your head, feel more ease and learn a more holistic way of coaching that brings ease to your practice. Men and women. People of faith or not.
  5. What is happening in your body as I talk about Presence for Coaches? Do you feel open, light, or warm? If so, Presence for Coaches might be for you. Go to denitabremer.com and click the button at the top that says For Coaches. All the information is there and at the bottom there is a link to join and a link to schedule a free call if you have questions I didn’t answer here or on my website.

Let’s create healing ripples in the coaching industry by our very presence!