If you or someone you love is struggling in your faith, this episode outlines 10 thoughts or actions to consider.

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10 Tips for when you’re struggling in your faith (or someone you love is):

  1. You’re supposed to struggle. Lean into that idea for less resistance.
  2. What do you want to believe? If you want to keep your faith, cling to what you do know. If you don’t want to keep your faith, what’s keeping you from walking away?
  3. Find someone safe to struggle with
  4. Be open and honest with yourself and others as much as possible.
  5. Look for the gray instead of the black and white.
  6. It’s harder to have faith when you don’t feel the spirit. So give yourself lots of grace if that’s you.
  7. Separate your thoughts from other people’s thoughts, even prophets and apostles.
  8. Imagine your future IDEAL self in your current situation to gain wisdom from yourself.
  9. Orient to what genuinely feels good/right in your body.
  10. If you have anger, find a healthy, safe outlet. Ideas: throwing rocks into water. Chopping wood. Running. Punching a punching bag. Kickboxing class.

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