Faith- belief, hope- is such an integral part of feeling good, but so many of us overlook it. In this episode we talk about 4 specific factors of faith and how to increase your faith. When you know without a doubt you can solve any problem, having the problem isn’t a problem.

The Importance Of Faith

When we want something different in our lives- let’s use the example of feeling better in this episode, we want to see before we believe, We want to see the path, the “how” to feeling better, we want to see the “why” of our suffering. But when we believe before we see, we create what we want.

I’m going to reference the April 2021 General Conference talk entitled “Christ is Risen; Faith in Him Will Move Mountains,” by President Russel M Nelson quite a bit in this episode. He said, “Everything good in life—every potential blessing of eternal significance—begins with faith.”

We will definitely talk more about faith in future episodes of this podcast, but I want to talk about 4 factors of faith in our short time together today.

The LDS Bible dictionary defines faith this way

  1. Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, but which are true.
  2. A lack of faith leads one to despair. Despair is a complete loss or absence of hope.

Do you believe that you can change? That you can get what you want?

By virtue of the fact that you desire it, means you can have it.

Have you given up desiring it? Have you defaulted to living with feeling bad and now you are managing it, instead of holding out hope that things can change?

It’s one thing to know that you might have lost hope, so what do we do about it? How do we change that and increase our faith?

Sharon McMahon, a popular government teacher and philanthropist, says the antidote to despair is action.

Continuing from the LDS Bible Dictionary

True faith always moves its possessor to some kind of physical and mental action;

  1. We can know we possess true faith because we FEEL moved.
  2. My experience at the beginning of my business.

When I was a brand new life coach and I was trying to start my business, one night I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, but my brain was thinking about my business. All of a sudden I had this thought: “People are waiting.” And as soon as I thought it, I felt the urge to jump out of bed and get to work.

President Nelson, “What would you do if you had more faith? Think about it. Write about it. Then receive more faith by doing something that requires more faith.”

Think of a trial or a desire you have right now. What would you do if you had more faith? What specific action would you take? Or perhaps it’s something you would avoid doing? Think about it. Journal about it. Then when you have something in mind, a specific action you might take or avoid, do it. Action turns faith into power.

Faith is a principle of action and of power, and by it one can influence any number of circumstances when occasion warrants. Do you actually believe this?

 If you KNEW without a doubt that it was in your power to feel better, (or substitute anything you desire for “feel better,”) it wouldn’t be a problem when you don’t feel good. But we don’t always understand that it is within our power to feel better, so we give up hope and start to despair.

A Story About My Daughter

The summer after my oldest daughter graduated from high school, she took a senior trip to Germany and Portugal. She met up with some friends in Germany and they travelled together to Portugal. And then she got sick. Like, really sick.

Her friends were trying to help, but her fever was high, she was throwing up and there wasn’t much they could do. She tried to go to a doctor, but they kept telling her she had covid. (It wasn’t covid.)

Finally, after days of this, she decided she needed to come home early. It was a big bummer because they would lose the money from an airbnb, so it was a hard decision for her to make. But she felt like death and knew she needed to come home to get better medical care.

She flew from Lisbon to Montreal to Denver. When she landed in Montreal, she texted that she didn’t think she was going to make her connecting flight. The line in customs was really long. We quickly tried to get another flight, but it was the last flight to Denver for the day. She didn’t have money to spend on a hotel room, so she would most likely have to try to sleep in the airport while very sick.

When I got the text, I had just started out on my walk. So in between texting her, I was using all my faculties of faith to call down the powers of heaven and get her home that day. I believed that my prayers could and would be answered.

I believed that it would be best for my daughter to be home that day. So I started imagining her walking out of the international terminal in the Denver airport. I asked Heavenly Father to part the sea of people the way he parted the Red Sea for the Israelites. And I imagined it happening. Over and over and over again.

At one point, I stopped at a spot near the stream in our greenbelt, I pointed myself toward Montreal, and I called upon my ancestors who had passed on. I imagined my mom, my Grandma, my Grandpa, and dozens of others who had a vested interest in my daughter, on the other side of the veil, helping to stop the next flight and part the sea of people she would need to get through in order to get to the flight.

I imagined her running and making it onto the next plane. I employed all this mental action until I felt like I had done all that I could do. Then I got up from that rock next to the stream, and I walked home.

A few minutes after getting home, I got a text from my daughter that she made the connecting flight.

And just so I don’t leave you hanging about how the story ended— There had been enough people wanting to make that flight, stuck in customs and security that they held the flight. And miracle upon miracle, for some reason that day, while she still felt sick, she felt a bit better than she had the several days previously.

We got her home and to the urgent care dr. They thought it was covid, even though she had had 4 or more negative covid tests, and sent her home. She got worse.

We took back to the dr, this time at our regular office, not urgent care, and finally found out she had mono! I know the faith I had that day, and the action I took, helped my sick daughter get home.

I took a lot of internal action, because there wasn’t much external action I could take in this example.

President Nelson’s Words

“All things are possible to them that believe.” Think about that— ALL things are possible. I need to hear this as much as you do. I’m working on believing some things that feel too hard or impossible for me. My patriarchal blessing reminds me of this principle: all things are possible to them that believe.

And the last quote: “The Lord understands our mortal weakness. We all falter at times. But He also knows of our great potential.” It’s not bad that you have a lack of faith. It is human. Don’t let it discourage you. However, you can change it, you can act on the faith you do have.

You don’t need more faith than you have now; you need to exercise the faith you have now— and it will grow into more faith.

If you feel blessed, but not good, maybe it’s because you aren’t exercising your faith.

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