I read something in a book I just started, and just HAD to share it with you today. 

It’s a confirmation of something I’ve been pondering for a few months now, and I think this will help you be a better coach and/or mom.

Full Show Notes

The Map of Consciousness Explained book by Dr. David Hawkins (affiliate link)

Premises of the part of the book I’ve read so far:
1. Emotions have an energetic charge.

2. We are each at a different frequency/charge.

3. Higher frequencies are more powerful than lower frequencies.

4. Power is better than force.

5. Love is healing. And it’s backed by science: behavioral kinesiology

6. This is the same as what most religions teach- love, compassion, kindness, etc.

The Quote that made my jaw drop after thinking about presence and how it alone can be healing:

It is not what we say but the very fact of our presence that has the healing effect.

Dr. David Hawkins in The Map of Consciousness Explained

What if love alone is healing and powerful enough to be the “something” you can do when you feel that there is nothing else to be done? How would that change your relationships?

I hope this thought revolutionizes your parenting, your marriage and if you’re a coach, your coaching.


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