Much of our anxiety comes from dwelling on worst case scenarios in our minds. In this episode I give you 5 thoughts and tools for what to do when you notice yourself in the space of imagining the worst case scenarios.

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One of the major causes of anxiety is worry about the future.

And because our brains are wired for protecting us, it is more natural to think of the worst case scenarios. This kicks up the resistance, which blocks us from really being able to solve any possible problem in a grounded, calm way. From our best self.

So today I have some thoughts and tools for you to consider when you notice yourself dwelling on a future worst case scenario.

  1. The future is all a fantasy anyway. It’s all fictional. We just think we know what will happen.
    1. My episode on anxiety vs faith covers the advantages of not-knowing.
    2. What we think about is what we focus on is what we create. (The danger is trying to just “think something different.”)
  2. Don’t try to silver-line the Worst Case Scenario.
    1. If we ignore it too long, it will just get louder and louder. Sometimes we have to let it have its say. Once it feels heard, it will often simmer down.
    2. Follow it to the end. You’ll know you are at the end when all is left is a feeling.
    3. And when you know the feeling, you will probably recognize you are already feeling this feeling! Which means you are so good at it and you’ll totally be able to handle it if it comes in the future.
  3. Plan for the worst case scenario. What exactly will you do? Decide now!
  4. Balance Worst Case Scenario with Best Case Scenario.
    1. Don’t tell yourself to “not think about it.” It’s like telling yourself NOT to think about a yellow school bus- it’s the first thing your mind will go to!
    2. Instead use this fantastic skill in your favor. When you notice yourself going to WCS, go to BCS intentionally.


  1. I won’t be able to sleep.
  2. My kid will leave the church.
  3. I won’t know what to do.

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Happy Memorial Day!