Why do we celebrate? Why do we NOT celebrate? What role does celebration play in our lives? Does celebration come easily to you, or is it more difficult like it is for me?

In today’s episode, I give you 4 points to think about when it comes to celebration, to hopefully help you celebrate more often.

Congratulations to the high school and college graduates, and to YOU for anything you’ve done or been recently that is good and right.

Full Show Notes

I’m thinking about the value of celebration as my oldest child graduates from high school and we celebrate her. 1. Senior dinner 2. Awards ceremonies 3. Actual graduation ceremony 4. Graduation party 5. Decorated her car, got her flowers, graduation gift….

If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time having fun, and celebrating. Here are some things to think about that might help you celebrate more often.

  1. Celebration is rest- After each day of creation God said, “And it was good.”
    Types of rest link: https://www.purewow.com/wellness/types-of-rest
  2. Celebration is gratitude- giving a sacrifice, dancing, singing- gratitude and celebration.
  3. Celebration moves goodness into your body. Helps us embody “I did that!”
    1. We are so sensitive to the idea of not being humble- being prideful, that we avoid celebration, we avoid feeling proud of ourselves. I think humility has very little to do with US, and more to do with who we give credit to.
    2. There are 2 different versions of pride- the negative pride that says I don’t need anyone and I take the credit, and the positive pride that says I did something good!
  4. Celebration and dopamine. Celebration tells your brain when something is good and you should do more of it. And your brain remembers better after celebrating.

So congratulations to the Mom’s out there on this recent mother’s day. Congratulations to the high school and college graduates. Congratulations if it’s your birthday recently or coming up. Congratulations to you for anything you’ve done or been today, this week or this month. Give yourself a round of applause, pump your fist in the air, jump up and down like an excited child, have a dance party— do something physical to celebrate!

Schedule a free session with me, and I will help you figure out your blocks around celebration. Soon you’ll be feeling great about yourself!