It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about goals and intentions and words-of-the-year. And most of us know that these things usually fail within a few weeks. But why? One reason is because we don’t get specific enough with our goals or intentions, so our brain doesn’t know what to do and so we do nothing. Sound familiar? What does it mean to “do a morning routine?” Or “get healthy?” Or “make money?” These goals are way too broad. What you need is something like “write for 5 minutes at 7:30 am at my office desk.” Or “go for a walk every day immediately after taking the kids to school.” Your brain knows how to do those things!

In this episode, I outline a 5 step process to take you from a general intention to a specific process so you know what to do and when to do it. It was sparked from a discussion inside my 1% Habits Group, which you can join for a few more days (through January 15th). It’s only $25 for 3 MONTHS. We are identifying the right habit based on identity. And sustainable growth is the name of the game.

Much of what I mention in this episode is based off of the work done by James Clear in his book Atomic Habits. So if you like that, you’ll like this. 

Here are the steps, but in the episode, I give a lot more context and examples:
1. Identify the outcome you want (this is the general goal that’s too broad for your brain).
2. Ask why you want to do the outcome you want. Then after that answer, ask why 4 more times, or until you get to a feeling or an identity. Turn feelings into an identity statement.
3. Then take that identity and ask “If you were already , how would you be in the world?” Then ask how? 4 more times or until you get to a concrete task.
4. Ask, “What habits would support me in this?”
5. Lastly, take the habit you come up with and ask, “How will I know when I’ve completed it?” “When and where will I complete this task?”

I really enjoyed this episode; I hope you do too!


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