Our final Personality Blueprint installment and we are talking about one sentence that sums up your purpose. The Find Your Why exercise, made popular by Simon Sinek, helps you understand who you are at your natural best, and what your contribution and impact in the world is. 

I, personally, found this exercise to be enlightening, like values on steroids. My why statement has helped me to focus my life and my business.

Listen in as I describe the process and give you 4 of my takeaways.

I also mention what is going on in Denita Bremer Coaching right now:
I am turning this Personality Blueprint into a workbook and a coaching package, probably around 6 sessions. Stay tuned (or get on my email list!) to hear when that is ready to go.

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Have I told you how grateful I am that you are tuning it? Because I am. I hope the content I provide helps you as much as it helps me!