Knowing your values makes your life easier. You are already living by your values subconsciously, but making them conscious helps you make better decisions, feel more confident, and create a strong self-image. 

This is one of my favorite exercises. 

In this episode, I explain why it’s useful to know your values and how to do that:

What: Our values are the guiding principles that give our lives meaning and determine how we live. Understanding your values can help you understand yourself and your motivations, however you still get to decide who you are.


Google search: (Psychology Today)

  • Reduce stress
  • Boosts decision making and problem solving skills
  • Inspire better habits
  • Help you act more assertively
  • Communicate with compassion
  • Bolsters confidence
  • Enhances intimacy
  • Help you find your purpose (
  • Help clear out the clutter of life
  • Help develop a sense of self
  • Uncover where you are following someone else and where you are following your own path/desires.

How this has helped me:

Sense of who I am without shoulds or other people’s ideas.

Focused my efforts

Help me notice when I am acting from my intuition vs action from logic.

How to actually learn your values:

Or fill out my Values Discovery Workbook.

Questions to help you whittle your list of values. (Use these when you have your list of values down to 10-20.) Thanks to Kim Job for these ideas.
Imagine I have a magic values wand. It will give you what you want in the following questions, but it requires payment of one value that will no longer guide you.
1. Think back to a time when you really hurt someone. You can go back and make it right, but you must give up one (or more) of your values.
2. Think of a life decision you’d love to fulfill. Getting married, making a million dollars, buying a house, etc. This decision will be guaranteed with the wave of the magic values wand, but you must give up one (or more) values. Which value(s) do you let go of?
3. You can fully fund a charitable organization of your choice… for one of your values. Which value(s) do you let go of?
4. You can guarantee the health of a loved one… for the price of one value. Which do you let go of?
5. Which emotion do you most hate feeling? You will be guaranteed to never feel that emotion again, with the wave of the values wand, when you let go of one value. Which one is it?
6. You can bring someone you love back to life for one day. Which value do you exchange for this opportunity?
7. Have you ever wanted a superpower like being able to read minds, fly, or create fire? You can have it… for one value, which is it?

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