I believe when you know who you are, you can be the best you at what you do.

So in this episode, I dive into what identity is, because it’s a key understanding we need in order to understand ourselves.

Ultimately, I think identity can’t really be understood on it’s own. It’s like black holes; we understand them by what they are NOT, and by what happens around them. My personal opinion is that identity is our own beliefs and feelings about ourselves.

When we are not able to be our core selves, it creates resistance, struggle, and suffering. Who we are is not so much about adding skills and desires, but more about subtracting the fears and cultural programming that doesn’t line up with our core selves.

I also believe that God wants us to become our fullest, best selves. I think that is a universal truth for everyone. I imagine heaven to be a place where everyone gets to be themselves unapologetically and they are not only welcomed, but celebrated for it.

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