If you are a believer in the Law of Manifestation, you may have wondered if feeling your negative emotions causes you to manifest what you don’t want. Listen in as I give you my take on that question and discuss the merits of feeling your feelings, and where that fits into the work I do around trauma.

When we heal from trauma, much of the work is learning to be present to your internal and external environments without resistance. And this work often requires processing emotion. That’s the term that I use, processing emotion. Other people say “Feel your feelings.” So what exactly is processing emotion?

Basically it is feeling the sensations, emotions, and urges present in your body and allowing them to move you to a place of peace, openness, or we could call it groundedness. I like to say that we aren’t necessarily trying to feel good, but we are trying to feel right. Sometimes we feel bad, but it feels right.

Usually we talk about processing negative emotion because those are the emotions that are harder to be present to. But just as a side note, there is actually tons of value in processing positive emotion as well. Something that I often get asked when I talk about processing emotions is, “Won’t I manifest what I don’t want if I allow myself to feel my feelings?”

And so I wanted to talk about that today on the podcast. I personally believe that processing emotion is essential to manifestation. I don’t know a whole lot about manifestation. I’ve learned a little bit about it, but as I was thinking about this question, that tends to come up fairly frequently. I really was realizing that processing emotion is sort of the preparation to manifestation.

So let’s talk about what manifestation is. Manifestation is a spiritual concept that proposes what you focus on comes into being in your life. Many would say manifestation is about creating a higher energetic. Or vibration match to what it is you want so that the universe or God will deliver it to you.

For example, maybe you are short $500 to cover your bills for the month. The concept of manifestation implies that you align yourself to being the person that has 500 more dollars and that $500 will come to you. Or another example, if you want to find the love of your life, someone to marry you, become the person who already feels like they have the love of their life, and then your perfect match will show up in your life. So you can maybe see how manifestation the idea of manifestation can bring about some criticisms. First of all, there’s no scientific evidence that manifestation works, but many, many, many people in the world believe in it.

But also it sort of insinuates that all we have to do is think or believe something, and then that thing that we want comes into our lives. And I think it’s a little bit more complex than that. In fact, I see manifestation the word that we use as manifestation, but I see it as the process of aligning your will to gods so that he can bless you or so that you and God can co-create a reality that you want together.

So this sort of work of prayer, if you look in the Bible dictionary, the work of becoming and aligning your will to God’s will, that’s kind of how I view them. I mean, people who aren’t religious might call it manifestation. People who are religious might say it’s just like aligning your will to God’s will.

But honestly, I don’t believe that you can simply pray or meditate or repeat, repeat mantras in order to get what you want. You really have to do the inner work to open yourself to possibilities. To align yourself to the will of God for the greater good, and then really allowing things to happen.

And that allowing part is sometimes the hardest part. And here’s the thing, you can’t trick God or the universe if you are feeling something negative, but you’re trying to focus on something positive. You are not fully aligned. You are basically spiritually bypassing, and I’m gonna do an episode on spiritual bypassing in the future.

Before you can manifest slash co-create anything you have to let go of anything that is blocking you from that thing that you wanna create. Oftentimes, our negative emotions are simply evidence for our negative beliefs. Therefore, processing our emotions is essential to manifesting what you want in your life.

From a God point of view, processing emotion is kind of a version of forgiveness. It’s a letting go of whatever is holding you back or becoming an obstacle in your way for your highest good. So does processing emotion make you manifest what you don’t want? I don’t believe so. I believe it actually is the process of creating space for what you do want.

We don’t wanna just keep shoving stuff into the closet, right? Like eventually the closet gets full. We have to reassess everyone in a while. What’s in that closet? Do I want it? Does it still do good in my life? Do I still need it? And most of the time, if you’re anything like me, when you go through a closet, there’s a lot of stuff in there that you don’t need anymore.

So processing emotion is kind of like that. It’s working through the inner things, the inner emotions, sensations, experiences that. Are now sort of like junk, so to speak, right? They’re, they’re just getting in your way. They’re holding you back, and it does take work to work through those things. But I think that processing emotion is a preparation for the work of manifestation, or if you wanna call it co-creation.

And that is the work that I do with my clients. I do this work one-on-one, and I do this work in my group. That actual name of my group is presence. So we’re working on continually being present to our inner and outer worlds. And really what happens when we attempt to be present is we find all the reasons why we can’t be present, right?

And then we deal with those things we. Take a look at them and we make decisions about them. It’s a little bit abstract to talk about it here, but it’s a, it’s very much a feeling work. So if you’re like me and you believe in both religious things like God and co-creation, and you also believe in spiritual things like the universe and manifestation.

Honestly, I kind of think that they’re all the same thing. We just have different words and phrases depending on our worldview. I want to just encourage you to allow yourself to feel your feelings to process your emotions as a way to create space inside of yourself so that then you can kind of move forward with what do I wanna create?

And this is something that. Maybe I should talk about a little bit more in a future episode as well. These sort of, these two halves, these two complimentary processes. The first is like a preparation, a noticing and letting go. And the second is a moving toward what we want. But so often we have so much conditioning and messaging that comes from our parents and school and just the world in general.

That we don’t even realize we’re carrying around with us and we have to do the work to. Really look at what those things are and decide if we want them still or not, and then only then can we move toward what we want. I kind of think of this in terms of are you running away from something you don’t want, or are you running toward something you do want?

And first, we have to stop running away from what we don’t want. Kind of pause, come to a neutral place, and then once we do that, we can move toward the things we do want. Okay, so this is a short and sweet episode to just deliver this message that I believe processing your emotions, feeling your emotions does not mean that you will manifest what you don’t want. It’s actually part of the inner work you have to do to prepare yourself in order to “manifest” or create what it is you do want.

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Remember that I am a life coach, not a doctor or a psychologist. Any suggestions or advice mentioned in this podcast should not be a substitute for medical or mental health care. Until next time, go be yourself and follow the spirit.