If you want to deepen your scripture study and apply them to your life to your life, I have one simple (but not always easy) tip for you this week. I also have several examples from my own life to help you conceptualize what I mean.

Full Show Notes

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What I do to deepen my scripture study

There are lots of podcasts, blogs, experts, even talks in general conference will teach you the gospel but only you can study the gospel. Only you can have a desire to understand the gospel.

Occasionally I will, but usually I don’t use a lot of outside study aids with the gospel because I feel like it gets in the way of my own curiosity.

CURIOSITY is my #1 tip for deepening your scripture study.

Stop trying to force yourself to “get something” out of the scriptures, or even to understand them. Instead focus on “what am I curious about?”


Why It’s Not Easy

Curiosity requires us to NOT KNOW something, which our egos, and the world will tell you is the worst. thing. ever. But curiosity makes you open, receptive and THAT’S when the Spirit will work with you.

I hope you take this one very simple, but perhaps not so easy, tip and apply it in your own scripture study.


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