Only as present as you have capacity to be

It’s ok to not be present. Only be as present as you have capacity to be. The paradox is that the point isn’t to be present. The point it to notice when you aren’t and continually come back to present.

The Presence Paradox

It takes work to be present, so sometimes we won’t want to or be able to do that work, and that’s ok. There are reasons why we can’t be present, and in fact, this is one cause of trauma. When our experience is too overwhelming, our brilliant, beautiful brains and bodies do what’s best for us: disconnect.

How presence helps with healing trauma

Presence is a healing modality for trauma for this reason. But you can’t go too fast. You have to take it little by little to slowly grow your capacity to be with yourself.

I thought it was interesting when I learned the essence of healing from a freeze response (my nervous system’s preferred place to be) is to learn to be with the active energy waiting for you when you come out of the freeze. The reason you go into the freeze is because the active energy or the situation that brought it was subconsciously deemed to be “too much,” so you shut down and disconnect.

The freeze response is an active response

This is also why the freeze response is an active response. It’s active energy put in a box, so to speak. And it takes a lot of energy to keep energy in a box. That’s why you feel so exhausted all the time. When you put intention and attention toward being present and slowing growing your capacity, you actually gain energy!

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