Full Show Notes

  1. Learning reflections on 100 episodes and some things for you to think about.
      • 10 reviews and 14 ratings- I could be frustrated and think this giveaway was a failure, but I choose to believe this is all working for me in the timeframe it was meant to be.
      • I wish I would have started sooner.
      • I have gotten to know myself and my voice so much more!
      • I have become a different person! Evidenced by my recent talk.
    1. A snippet from Original Grace by Adam Miller. I highly recommend this book and will talk about it more in future episodes.
    2. Learning in my trauma certification: I would say the primary question we are always asking in trauma healing is What support is needed right now? Goes nicely with Adam Miller’s message in his book.
    3. Insights from a recent coaching call: My place is love.
  2. A new iteration of the Podcast
    1. New Name: Trauma Healing for Latter Day Saints
    2. Who is it for? Here’s where it gets fun! This podcast will be for Latter day Saint women with depression, chronic stress and/or toxic shame. Those who tend to stay small and quiet. Those who doubt themselves, who look to others for validation, who were taught the answers were outside of them. Women who want to be themselves and feel peaceful, but don’t know how. Your default response is to separate or shut down. And for women who can see generational patterns that they want to stop. They want to heal not only themselves, but future generations. It’s likely you have had some trauma or abuse in your childhood. Maybe a parent or other adult in your life made you feel like you couldn’t be yourself. Maybe you had a parent or caregiver who was depressed or chaotic. We want to turn your suffering into love.
    3. This is not for ladies who generally feel connected, are creative or don’t struggle with anxiety or depression or shame. If you can go with the flow, roll with the punches, life is pretty good. This isn’t for you.
    4. Results: be more confident and honest with yourself and others, speak up, make changes you’ve been thinking about for a long time, but either haven’t pulled the trigger or haven’t figured it out. Create more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Higher quality relationships and time. Becoming more of yourself.
    5. Questions:
      1. I’m a dude, or don’t identify as a woman. Is this for me? Yes, if you feel it is. The principles will be the same regardless of gender, but I will speak to women.
      2. I’m not LDS, is this for me? It depends. Are you spiritual or have some kind of faith tradition? Then you’ll likely enjoy it. If not, then it might not be the right flavor for you.
      3. Are you qualified? It’s completely possible that I am not qualified to talk about trauma. However, I have received clear promptings from the Spirit to move forward in this direction and it feels worse to ignore those promptings than to move forward toward any possible mistakes I might make. Recently, a mental health professional said we will never have enough professionals to attend to all the depression in the world, so we all need to be the compassionate listening ear to our friends and those that need additional support. While I don’t consider myself a therapist, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars learning tools that I believe can help people even if I don’t have specific letters behind my name. And plus- thinking that only one institution has the permission to help people with specific problem goes against everything I teach my clients. There is so much wisdom to be found in each of us, even if we don’t have a specific education or training.
  3. Drop-in coaching by donation. Come join me for drop-in coaching to become more confident or create higher quality relationships or time in your life.
    1. October 26th and Nov 2, 12 pm MT
    2. You gotta be on my list to get the zoom info and to stay informed of the schedule.
  4. The 100th episode giveaway winner is….. ‘MRSTHREE’!!!! Congratulations on winning a pair of Apple Airpods!! I will be in touch with you very soon.

    Thank you to everyone who listens, shares, and has left ratings and reviews. I truly appreciate it. I have three openings for 1:1 coaching. If you want higher quality relationships and time, schedule a free session with me.