Why we lack support

There are reasons we can’t be present. Sometimes the reason is that we need more resources or support in order to be present. So often, the sensations and emotions we avoid feeling, are avoided because when we first felt them we were alone and didn’t have support to make sense of them.

There is no shame in needing or wanting support. In fact, for many people seeking support is the very thing that starts the healing process. With trauma, we often learn to be self-sufficient, so seeking support is a form of surrender that allows healing to begin.

What does a felt sense of support mean?

When I say a felt sense of support, I mean I want you to feel the support on the inside. Not just that there are people there with you or people going through similar things. I want you to FEEL the support. If you can’t feel it, it won’t matter who or what is supporting you.

An exercise

Right now, wherever you are when you are reading or listening to this, pause and feel the weight of your body supported by the floor, chair or bed. Really melt into it. Let yourself be held by an inanimate object. Let your weight be heavy. Stop holding yourself and allow yourself to be supported. Can you feel that? That’s what we are going for.

When you show up to Presence I want you to feel supported the way you can feel the floor or the chair or the bed supporting your right now. It is a critical piece in healing and presence work.

Join Presence

Come experience what I mean by this felt sense of support by attending my Presence Demo on 1/4/24 at 11 am MST. Register here for the Zoom link.