I am in the middle of a 3 month social media sabbatical, and I just finished 40 days of “Only God’s Voice,” no podcasts, no books, very little consumption. I’m sharing 5 lessons from 40 days of only God’s voice in this episode. I hope this episode will give you hope and build your faith, the way this experience has for me.

On April 17th I began a 3 month social media sabbatical. On April 20th I started a consumption limitation, and only listened to God’s voice in my life. I allowed myself to read or listen to scriptures, general conference and Jesus the Christ. No podcasts, no books, very little consumption. 

What I learned:

  1. God’s power is so much more than I thought.
    1. Listening to the Book of Mormon in 2-3 week’s time, plus
    2. Finishing Jesus the Christ
  2. Trust in the Lord.
    1. Stepping onto water to walk on water to Christ.
    2. Allowing Christ to support/hold you
    3. Trust is active.
    4. Brooke Snow’s prosperity meditation
  3. I am right where I need to be.
    1. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
    2. When I’m tempted to want to be “further along,” I remember that I am always doing my best in any given moment, and I am right where I am supposed to be.
  4. I love the spaciousness and tranquility.
    1. This IS ME.
  5. I am very productive creative when I have limits around consumption.
    1. Cleaning and purging my entire house.
    2. Getting projects done.
    3. Staying on top of cleaning.
    4. It has shown me what is possible.

These are my 5 lessons from 40 days of only God’s voice, and are available to you as well. Pray, enter into conversation with God and ask Him what your next step is. Maybe it will be doing something similar as me. Or maybe it will be radically different. Trust that what comes up for you is what you need right now.

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