We have a love/hate relationship with social media, right? It connects us to people we love, but sometimes we spend too much time doing nothing when we have other priorities. This has been my experience at least. 

After almost a year of wanting to step away from social media for an extended period of time, I finally did it. And not without some hesitation and fear. But it was a great experience, and now that I’m on the other side of it, I’m sharing 10 lessons learned. 

If you have a business this episode may especially interest you, but even if you don’t and you want to spend less time on social media, I think you’ll find lots of value in this episode.


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10 Things I Learned from 3 months without Social Media

  1. The power of making a decision. Once I made the decision, it became much easier.
  2. The power of allowing yourself time to be ready. From the time I knew I needed to step away to when I actually did was about 9 months. Allowing myself time to get ready made the transition easier.
  3. How much more spacious and relaxed my life is without social media. I really enjoyed not being on social media. I felt more relaxed and open, and my relationship with God improved drastically.
  4. How tricky my brain is! I noticed right away that since I wasn’t on my phone nearly as much, whenever my kids would be watching TV, I would get sucked in way easier than previously. Once I noticed that, then my brain shifted to playing cards both physically and on my phone. Now, I try to pause and ask myself what I am needing. My brain can be so tricky!!
  5. A vision of social media for my business but not for my personal life. Really distancing myself from the voices of the world helped me see how I can use social media as a business tool, but I don’t have to be scrolling all the time.
  6. The value of being imperfect. I’m gonna be honest: I did get on social media a few times in those 3 months. But I didn’t judge myself for that. I just let me be imperfect. That’s a pretty big shift for me!
  7. I got more clear on how the Spirit speaks to me. Trusting God. This was an unexpected benefit, but I spent a lot more time in conversation with God and our relationship grew closer. I learned to trust God more, after all, He was the one telling me to step away. During this time, I did have people reaching out to me asking about my coaching, which was my primary concern about stepping away. How will people find me??
  8. Time to myself and for caring for myself is so important. I now have a robust self-care routine and I love it! I noticed that the time I spent on social media is much better spent taking care of my mind, spirit and body.
  9. What I’m really wanting: connection. I automatically was going to social media for connection, but the connection was false. I never really felt connected. Knowing this has helped me find ways to connect to people in real life more.
  10. Getting creative with being on social media without BEING ON social media. I scheduled several posts ahead of time and it helped me see how I can get creative with spending less time on social media, but my business doesn’t have to suffer.

    I hope this helps you, especially if you’ve wanted to step away from social media, but didn’t know how. I would love to hear your questions or experiences with this. Let’s encourage each other!


PS. If you want help stepping away from social media, or just being on there less, schedule a free session with me and let’s see how much we can do in one hour.