The railing on the second-story deck was not yet installed, so I had to stay far away from the edge. My hands are getting sweaty just thinking about it right now.

Grandma and I were sitting there enjoying the sunny day. We weren’t doing anything. We were just being with each other.

And then my mom yelled for me.

Our trailer was parked on a part of my grandparents’ property, so it wasn’t hard to hear her voice carry.

I scurried through the slider, the front door, and around the side of Grandma’s house, down the road and up the short hill to our trailer.

I was back at Grandma’s side five to ten minutes later.

“What did your mom want?”

“She wanted me to pour some milk for my sister.”

Shaking her head, my grandma said, “Someday, this will come back to benefit you.”

I was only eight or nine years old so I didn’t understand what she was saying, but I filed those words away into the back of my mind to come back to later.

Now I understand what she meant.

And it was probably the best “advice” I’ve ever received.

It primed me in some subconscious way to believe that all experiences, whether challenging or easy, are working in my favor.

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