Your sex life ebbs and flows– and why that’s good news.

Hello blog people! Let me tell you– building a business is not for the faint of heart! I have been doing big things behind the scenes and writing kinda…. fell away for a while. It has been on my mind and my heart for many weeks now, so here I am.

One thing I want to remind you is that your sex life is just one slice of your life.

I want to remind you that everything in life ebbs and flows. It’s not a check box. You don’t arrive at a “good sex life.” It comes, it goes. Just like the seasons.

There are a couple reasons why this is such good news. First of all, without any effort at all- just the passing of the seasons- your sex life may take a turn for the better. Sometimes time heals. And secondly, if you have been feeling like Something Has Gone Wrong… consider the idea that nothing has gone wrong, you just haven’t figure it out yet.

Sex is a skill. It is one of the best thoughts I can teach you. You can get better at it. Or you can just decide you are already good at it (it’s just your lower brain trying to convince you otherwise.)

Because really? What difference does it make if you ARE good at sex, or if you just think you are? Thinking you are good at something will make it so, at least with practice.

Thirdly, if sex is a flow, it relinquishes you from thinking that it is all up to you. Just like you can’t make a plant grow, you can’t control all the factors that pop up between two people in a relationship. You can only do your part. You plant the seed, and water it, and make sure it gets good sunlight, and hopefully it grows. If it doesn’t grow, it doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe you are missing a critical piece of information. But you are not at fault. And the seed is not at fault either.

I think the easiest way to love your sex life is to just decide to love it however it currently is. Nothing has gone wrong and it is beautiful. I promise that will get you closer to a “good” sex life than any action advice I could propose.

All of this seems pretty simple. Just decide! But it is not easy.

If you are ready to love your sex life, I can help with that. Join me for a free consultation call where I will show you why you aren’t loving it now and what to do about it. Awareness is crucial! You can’t change anything you don’t understand! I will teach you why your brain would rather you just stay the same and how to overcome that.

I know I can help you. The question is: Are you ready?