There are three pillars to the work I do: identity, connection, and healthy habits.

We work on all three of these pillars simultaneously since they each build on one another.


Identity is how you think about and see yourself. It is the core of everything you do. If you change your actions without changing your identity, you will fall back into old patterns. As you shift your identity, feelings and actions flow much more easily. This is the mind portion of the work we do.


Embodiment is your connection to your body. Your body houses so much wisdom that your mind can’t yet see, because it happens through feeling and experience. When you are embodied, your connection to others is also strengthened. This is the heart portion of the work we do.

Healthy Habits

Healthy habits are the actions we take repeatedly toward the person we want to become, or the life we want to create.  Taking action reinforces the identity and embodiment you develop, and in turn, aligned identity and embodiment lead to more effective action.


Each of these tools has its own place within my coaching practice. I only use tools with which I  have experienced success.


When we are born, we are feeling creatures first and later learn language and thoughts. So if our development is like an onion, forming feelings then thoughts in layers, we must peel back the layers of the onion with thoughts then feelings. Examining and questioning current thoughts and beliefs is usually where I start, but it’s just the beginning. Realizing how much agency you have over your thoughts is an empowering awareness for most people.

Somatic Tools

“Soma” means body. Somatic tools are those that get us out of our heads, where we often spin in circles, and into our bodies. Somatic tools are the heart of my work. I believe your body holds wisdom and will tell you what you need, if you learn to listen to it. This is where you practice, with gentle guidance from me, to be with your emotions instead of resisting them. This is the simplest, yet most powerful tool in my toolbox.

Compassionate Witnessing

(in the coach-client relationship) When we shame and judge ourselves, our left brain is literally turning away from our right brain where our essential selves live. We must learn to turn back toward ourselves to feel whole and integrated again. We do this by witnessing ourselves with compassion and grace. I found this to be very difficult until I experienced it coming from someone else first.  My relationship with you, building upon a foundation of safety, is one of the assets I use to help you heal. I will never judge you, and you always make sense no matter what. Especially in trauma work, compassionate witnessing solves for the alarmed aloneness we feel.

Inner Child Work

I have found in my own personal work and in my work with clients, speaking to the child within you can shift things quickly. This is especially true when working with emotions that were created in the past and are not fully resolved. This tool coupled with compassionate witnessing or somatic work can be a force for so much good change.

Visualization and Meditation

I have found visualization and meditation to be highly effective, especially in relation to identity and creating the healthy habits you desire, and putting space between you and your feelings.


In order to go deep quickly, I rely heavily on my intuition. Each session may look differently than the one before it. We are dynamic humans, which calls for dynamic responses for different life situations. I don’t use every tool in every session, but go where the Spirit directs.


Details about logistics can be found here. More questions? Message me through the contact form.

Private Coaching

When you decide to partner with me for your healing and growth, we will meet together three times a month over Zoom for 50 minutes. We can also connect over Voxer in between sessions as the need arises.  

My current rates are as follows:

         Six month package- $4444 paid in full in advance

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Group Coaching - Coming Soon!

I will soon be offering a group coaching option. Details TBD.

One year group package – $222/month or $2222 paid in full in advance

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Sonya P.
{Even after years of coaching there were still some things I was really hung up on. I was in a lot of fear, scarcity- not just money, lots of scarcity thinking. Understanding that I ultimately seek for peace and harmony and there are things I do sometimes in the name of that, that don’t necessarily cause me to have peace has been transformational.
Rachel R.
{Coaching with Denita was life changing. I found her when I was at one of the lowest points in my life and she helped me in countless ways.  Denita helped me see my own strength and how to access it daily. I saw a lot of personal improvement and everyone around me saw it in me too. Everything I worked on with Denita has laid a great foundation for every aspect of my future.
Julie F.
{Being coached by Denita was like sitting and talking with a friend, but a friend who isn't afraid to challenge you.  I feel equipped to face challenges now. I can honestly say that being coached by Denita was the single best investment I have ever made. The year I spent being coached has been truly transformational.
Ann L.
{After having coaching sessions with Denita, I definitely feel more empowered to improve my life! I SO appreciated that Denita never told me that my way of thinking or acting was wrong; Just having someone to talk to about so many sensitive, personal issues was so freeing! So many of the issues and questions I struggled with were topics that I have NEVER felt free or comfortable enough to talk about with anyone else! Because of my sessions with Denita, I feel like I’ve gotten permission to decide for MYSELF what I feel comfortable with in my life, and I no longer feel shame because of my desires.
Jen Y.
{Denita is wonderful in her work as a coach. She really gets to the heart of what you want out of the coaching sessions. It was often mentally, spiritually, and emotionally exhausting work but it was so worth it.  She taught me invaluable things about myself and I'm truly grateful for the work she does!