Why you should NOT change your sexual desire.

Since my 30 day blogging challenge I have been caught up in some of my own self-coaching and haven’t been creating quite as much! I am hoping to change that, but it would be so helpful to know what your questions are and how I can help. Feel free to comment or email me if you have anything you want me to talk about.

If you want to want sex more, this post is for you.


You heard me. Stop wanting to change your sexual desire.

Here’s why:

When you can just accept yourself for who you are, low sexual desire and all, you will relieve yourself of the pressure, guilt, or shame you are feeling.

Not feeling those emotions is the very thing that will open you up to have sex more.

When you have sex more, you will want it more.

It’s a crazy backwards thing, but it has worked for me.

My husband has been gone for 3 days and gets home tonight.

You know what we’ll be doing!

Join us! (Not join us, but you know– go have some guilt-free, pressure-free sex!)

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