The solution you’ve been looking for:

1.  Learn the skill of FEELING.
2.  Build TRUST in yourself.
3.  Get to KNOW yourself.

When you do these three things, you will feel the peace and connection you desire with others, because you will have developed those “muscles” in yourself. The skill of feeling builds the foundation for trust and knowledge. Self-trust and self-knowledge together enable you to protect your energy and meet life with confidence.

If you….

  • Have been trying to “fix” yourself because you’re not feeling good enough 
  • Struggle with depression, anxiety, chronic stress, overwhelm or toxic shame symptoms
  • Want to get to the root cause of unworthiness so you can fully show up in your relationships.

And you want….

  • To feel more connected to yourself, your family and your faith
  • To trust yourself and God
  • To feel capable and confident to meet the demand of life and in your relationships
  • A felt sense of support
  • Capacity to feel and sit with uncomfortable emotions

So you can…

  • Have hard conversations
  • Experience less anxiety, depression, chronic stress
  • Relax
  • Make confident decisions
  • Be present to life and relationships

Then Presence is the solution!


This is a somatic-based drop-in-when-you-want coaching program. We meet twice a week over Zoom Wednesdays at 1:30 pm or Thursdays at 11 am Mountain Time. Choose to attend one, both, or neither session – whichever fits your schedule. Presence also includes:

  • A one-year history of coaching call replays.
  • A growing library of resources for LIFE.
  • Unlimited Voxer access to me privately.
  • Discounted one-off private sessions.

    Presence is a one-year membership with two payment options:

  • Monthly subscriber at $222/month for 12 months or
  • Yearly subscriber at $2222 in full for one year ($442 discount over monthly subscribers).

Private coaching by referral only.

I do offer private coaching for those who either need more support or group coaching isn’t a great fit.

  • 12 sessions for $2000 or $667/month

A totally free coaching session is the next step if you’re  interested in Presence or private coaching. I hope you’ll join me, and I look forward to co-creating connection, peace and trust with you.


Seeds grow when the conditions are right. So it is with our mind, body and spirit. My job is to give you support and resources to create conditions ripe for you to heal and thrive.

My process is three-fold: feeling, trusting, and knowing. When you can master these skills, you will feel at peace and confident.


The skill of feeling is one of the most simple and most ignored skills out there. Cultural conditioning and trauma keep us from truly feeling. With my support, you can learn how to be with your emotions and sensations. It is a total game-changer!


Trusting happens when you befriend your nervous system and accept the sensations in your body over and over again. When we clear the cobwebs of trauma, you’ll learn to listen to and trust your body, bringing you closer to your own inherent wisdom.


When you start to truly feel and trust yourself, the knowing naturally blossoms. Then you add confident experimentation into the mix to know your patterns, your triggers, your values and so much more. This knowing help you navigate the world with confidence.


Each of these tools has its own place within my coaching practice. I only use tools with which I personally have a history of success.

Somatic Tools

“Soma” means body. Somatic tools are those that get us out of our heads, where we often spin in circles, and into our bodies. Somatic tools are the heart of my work. I believe your body holds wisdom and will tell you what you need, if you learn to listen to it. This is where you practice, with gentle guidance from me, to be with your emotions instead of resisting them. This is the simplest, yet most powerful tool in my toolbox.


I started my coaching career as strictly a mindset coach. While I typically focus on the somatic tools, occasionally problems are best suited to mindset tools.

Compassionate Witnessing

(in the coach-client relationship) When we shame and judge ourselves, our left brain is literally turning away from our right brain where our essential selves live. We must learn to turn back toward ourselves to feel whole and integrated again. We do this by witnessing ourselves with compassion and grace. I found this to be very difficult until I experienced it coming from someone else first.  My relationship with you, building upon a foundation of safety, is one of the assets I use to help you heal. I will never judge you, and you always make sense no matter what. Especially in trauma work, compassionate witnessing solves for the alarmed aloneness we feel.

Inner Child Work

I have found in my own personal work and in my work with clients, speaking to the child within you can shift things quickly. This is especially true when working with emotions that were created in the past and are not fully resolved. This tool coupled with compassionate witnessing or somatic work can be a force for so much good change.

Visualization and Meditation

I have found visualization and meditation to be highly effective, especially in relation to your self-concept, your relationship with God, and creating new patterns in your life. They also help with shifting emotions and creating new internal and external habits.


In order to go deep quickly, I rely heavily on my intuition. Each session may look differently than the one before it. We are dynamic humans, which calls for dynamic responses for different life situations. I don’t use every tool in every session, but go where the Spirit directs.

Getting Started is Easy


Free Session

Come do a completely free coaching session with me, so you can feel into whether coaching with me is a fit for you right now. This foundation of safety is essential to somatic work. No strings attached and no sales.

Free Consultation

If after a free session you are interested in moving forward in a longer-term relationship, I will email you details and you can sign up straightaway, or we can meet again to answer all your questions. If working with me isn’t in your best interest, you have only invested one hour of your time, risk-free.

Sign Up

If working with me is in your best interest, signing up is super easy! We will decide together on a regular time to meet and I’ll send you a link to complete your registration.


Do you have to be LDS to join?

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I am LDS, so I typically attract other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but you do not have to be a member yourself to join.

Do you have to be female to join?

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As of now, I am only accepting females into the membership, but you can sign up for private coaching if you are male.

Are there payment plans?

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Yes! You can pay monthly for any program you are intersted in.

How many people are in the membership?

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Now is a great time to join because the membership is small! Right now there are about 10 members. I’m hoping to grow it to about 25, but I want to keep it small so I can make sure all members get what they need.

Do I have to show up on camera?

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I strongly encourage you to have your camera on when I am coaching you (either privately or in the membership) because I use body language and facial expression to track your nervous system when I coach. That being said, you don’t *have* to. Wherever you are, I will meet you there. The membership is done with Zoom meetings (not webinar), but you can keep your camera off if you prefer.

What does "somatic" mean?

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“Somatic” means body-based. Instead of talking about what you are feeling, I help you connect with your body, feel and allow the sensations, follow the urges, and move. This means that sometimes I might have you walk around, lie on the floor, punch the air, etc. My coaching is dynamic and changing as much as your nervous system, and I believe that’s how it should be. It can feel awkward, but we are good at awkward here!

What if I don't have depression, anxiety, or chronic stress?

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If you’ve found yourself here and wanting to join us, you are welcome whatever your current situation is. Every human needs support, and I would be honored to be part of your support system.

Can I join the membership for less than a year?

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Presence is a year-long membership, like Costco. I try to keep my business really simple, so for my sanity it’s a year, take it or leave it. You don’t have to keep showing up for the sessions, but you are signing up for a year subscription.

I'm not ready to sign up yet, how do I keep in touch?

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I’m so glad you are listening to your body with this decision! The best way to keep in touch is to listen to my podcast, Regulated and Restored. You can also sign up for my email list where I will send you nuggets of wisdom (I hope!) on a regular basis. Click the button below.

Maria F.
{All I have to say is the year I spent with her was life changing and believe me when I say I’m not exaggerating. She actually helped me understand myself and it’s like a light bulb went on. She helped me navigate my thoughts my feelings my own actions to certain situations. She didn’t just ask me “Why do you think you behave this way, how can you change your behavior?” This is what I heard from many counselors I’ve seen before. Denita actually listened to what I had to say and then gave me tools, advise and made me realize that I was more in control than I ever thought I was. She gave me homework and suggestions on what I can do to change my circumstances. And all this came beautifully together and has changed my life. I’m not saying things are perfect now and that I’m perfect, but I’m definitely on the right road to a more fulfilling and happier life. My life will never be perfect nor will I, but now I have the understanding of how to navigate life when things aren’t so good in my life.
Ceri P.
{Coaching with Denita is certainly worth every penny!
{I have loved being coached by Denita. I have been able to dig deep within myself and found tools and resolutions I didn't know were within me. Denita truly comes from place of no judgment, but great experience with what life often throws at us. I got resolutions that were my own. I don't feel like Denita "told" or "gave" me answers, but rather she was patient with me as I explored my thoughts for myself.
Celia C.
{I signed up for a free coaching session with Denita because I finally admitted to myself that I have had a good deal of trauma in my life.  At the end of our session together, I knew we were a good fit.  I knew joining Presence would stretch me, but not overwhelmingly so.  It just felt right. Presence HAS stretched me and gown me.  I was very divorced from my body and have been for many years.  When Denita would ask me where I feel a certain emotion, I could not tell her.  I still struggle, but I have made headway and expect to continue to. I have loved life coaching (thought work) and it has greatly helped me since I started it in February of 2019; however, I knew there were some pieces missing and that I needed more help. Denita, Presence, somatic work, and connecting more to my body have been enlightening, helpful, strengthening, uplifting, and encouraging.  Denita has a gift to know how to help and what to suggest.  The other people in the group are compassionate and caring.  Even if I prefer to listen rather than be coached, I always come away with more awareness and alignment. Please seriously consider joining Presence!  In my opinion and experience, it’s a good move to increase your understanding, acceptance, & love of yourself & others; and obtain healing.
Kate H.
{I joined Denita’s Presence group because I really wanted to be embodied, to not always be looking to my head and thinking for answers, to tap more into my intuition and to have a more grounded sense of presence. I haven’t “arrived”, so to speak, but I have definitely made so much progress - especially in accepting myself and really learning to love the process of being in tuned to my inner self and my body. Denita’s coaching is always spot-on. I’m really quite amazed at how intuitive she is and I always, always come away learning something profound - even if seemingly “small”. Even after a year I really look forward to our meetings and rarely miss a week. I think what I especially love is that Presence is not just more information, but rather it is encouragement to Be. It is experiential. Sometimes I show up to the group feeling frazzled, sometimes I choose not to be coached, but I always end up feeling calm and at ease by the end of the hour. To me that is priceless.
{"I'm a big fan of Eckhart Tolle. I've read his books and listened to his podcasts. However, putting presence into practice has always eluded me. I want a sense of peace. I want to be able to respond to emotional situations more consciously. I want to not always turn to my iPhone when I'm bored. These are a few of the reasons I signed up for the Presence program. But the main reason is Denita. She is a superb facilitator, coach, and teacher. I leave each session feeling more centered, refreshed, and knowledgeable about how to take control of my life. It has had a lasting impact on my everyday life. I can feel my consciousness levels rising! I'd love to tell you about my favorite part, but they're all my favorites— the welcome reflection, the meditation, the somatic exercise, the coaching, and the parting reflection. If you want to enjoy life more and learn how to put away your phone, I highly recommend joining Denita's Presence program."
Sonya P.
{Even after years of coaching there were still some things I was really hung up on. I was in a lot of fear, scarcity- not just money, lots of scarcity thinking. Understanding that I ultimately seek for peace and harmony and there are things I do sometimes in the name of that, that don’t necessarily cause me to have peace has been transformational.
Rachel R.
{Coaching with Denita was life changing. I found her when I was at one of the lowest points in my life and she helped me in countless ways.  Denita helped me see my own strength and how to access it daily. I saw a lot of personal improvement and everyone around me saw it in me too. Everything I worked on with Denita has laid a great foundation for every aspect of my future.
Julie F.
{Being coached by Denita was like sitting and talking with a friend, but a friend who isn't afraid to challenge you.  I feel equipped to face challenges now. I can honestly say that being coached by Denita was the single best investment I have ever made. The year I spent being coached has been truly transformational.
Ann L.
{After having coaching sessions with Denita, I definitely feel more empowered to improve my life! I SO appreciated that Denita never told me that my way of thinking or acting was wrong; Just having someone to talk to about so many sensitive, personal issues was so freeing! So many of the issues and questions I struggled with were topics that I have NEVER felt free or comfortable enough to talk about with anyone else! Because of my sessions with Denita, I feel like I’ve gotten permission to decide for MYSELF what I feel comfortable with in my life, and I no longer feel shame because of my desires.