All I have to say is the year I spent with her was life changing and believe me when I say I’m not exaggerating. She actually helped me understand myself and it’s like a light bulb went on. She helped me navigate my thoughts my feelings my own actions to certain situations. She didn’t just ask me “Why do you think you behave this way, how can you change your behavior?” This is what I heard from many counselors I’ve seen before. Denita actually listened to what I had to say and then gave me tools, advise and made me realize that I was more in control than I ever thought I was. She gave me homework and suggestions on what I can do to change my circumstances. And all this came beautifully together and has changed my life. I’m not saying things are perfect now and that I’m perfect, but I’m definitely on the right road to a more fulfilling and happier life. My life will never be perfect nor will I, but now I have the understanding of how to navigate life when things aren’t so good in my life.