“I’m a big fan of Eckhart Tolle. I’ve read his books and listened to his podcasts. However, putting presence into practice has always eluded me. I want a sense of peace. I want to be able to respond to emotional situations more consciously. I want to not always turn to my iPhone when I’m bored. These are a few of the reasons I signed up for the Presence program. But the main reason is Denita. She is a superb facilitator, coach, and teacher. I leave each session feeling more centered, refreshed, and knowledgeable about how to take control of my life. It has had a lasting impact on my everyday life. I can feel my consciousness levels rising! I’d love to tell you about my favorite part, but they’re all my favorites— the welcome reflection, the meditation, the somatic exercise, the coaching, and the parting reflection. If you want to enjoy life more and learn how to put away your phone, I highly recommend joining Denita’s Presence program.”